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Work Hours
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About Horn University

The mandate of Horn University is to produce the skilled human resources for national development in the areas of education, health, agriculture, technology, research and other community services.

Historical Brief of HIU

Horn International University is one of the higher educational institutions in Somaliland which is fully recognized by National Commission for Higher Education (NCHE). The University was opened at Borama, Awdal, Somaliland in January 2014, it’s the third and the second health institution opened in Awdal region after Amoud University. We believe that university played a vital role in producing qualified and competent graduates.

The idea of opening the university in Somaliland was firstly born by young and educated groups of intellectuals, after assessing the countries education sector as well as the need for higher education institution. Somaliland, as a country of devastated from civil wars, the education sector was destroyed.

Horn International University is committed to foster excellence in education that enables students to assume roles of responsibility and leadership. University provides students with a foundation for lifelong intellectual growth and learning as well as the practical means for a fulfilling career.

This Five Years Strategic Plan (2021-2025) of the Horn University focuses on ensuring quality of academic training, research community service and good governance realization. Our Development Plan will cover the period conceive within the Somaliland national context of rapid social growth, economic growth and sustained development.

Vision, Mission and Values Statements

Hormuud University aims at becoming unique national center in education for engineering and other scientific specialties.


 HIU aspires to be modernized reputable university in multidisciplinary quality education, research and Community services in the Horn of Africa.


To produce qualified, productive and ethical citizens; undertake demand driven education program, researches and provide socially meaningful outreach services to promote sustainable development of the Somaliland nation.